Food transcends barriers and brings people together. Families become closer, acquaintances become friends, people become whole. Food is our culture, our center, our spirit. Join us in celebrating and sharing authentically traditional and uniquely creative recipes that will last in the memories of the people who matter most.




Macarons Baking Latte Cheesecake

Chef Doran


Chef Doran Brooks embodies a fusion of food cultures and traditions from around the world. Deep in the food and wine region of Australia’s countryside he was classically trained in French Cuisine. His mastery of Japanese baking comes from Morimoto in NYC and his many experiences as a chef in Japan. He brings a wealth of knowledge from the famous kitchens of the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Google, Youtube, Pixar, Bix, and more. His lifelong passion for cooking is demonstrated in the choice of every ingredient, in the preparation of every recipe, in the placement of every detail. His goal is to create an experience like never before. To surpass your expectation for flavor and spoil you forever.

News & Media

Live in The D

Live in the D comes to White Wolf Japanese Patisserie for a behind the scenes peak
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White Wolf's Clawson Time Lapse Demolition Video

Watch as we begin our demolition of our Clawson Store! Check back to see more videos or subscribe to our YouTube Page for more videos.
Watch Time Lapse

French Macaron Class on Fox 2 Detroit's Cooking School Segment

Watch as Chef Doran talks about making Japanese Influenced French Macarons on Fox. The hosts try their hands at making Macarons.
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Building a Gingerbread House with Fox 2 Detroit's Morning Show & Chef Doran Brooks

Chef Doran has fun with the Fox team making a Gingerbread House!
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Watch as Chef Doran Brooks talks about Gingerbread Houses with ABC Detroit's Morning Show

Chef Doran Brooks presented with ABC Detroit for the morning show to teach the viewers how you can build gingerbread houses at home!
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Locations & Hours

White Wolf Japanese Patisserie - Clawson, MI

Take in the delightful smell of fresh-baked bread while watching patissiers at their craft in our open kitchen. Perfect for a relaxing break at any time of the day. Breads, Pastries, and Cakes with a full menu of Coffee and Tea items. You’ll find some savory options as well like our popular Curry Pan!

Call us at: (248) 268-3349


31 E 14 Mile Rd Clawson, MI 48017


11:00 am - 8:00 pm Everyday!

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